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    Wednesday, 6 August 2008

    Miley Cyrus + Daniel Radcliffe = $$

    I just read an article on the Sydney Morning Herald website detailing how much Miley and Danny made in the year just past.

    Miley made $58.8 million from her concert performances earlier this year.
    Daniel has allegedly clocked in a cool $54.5 million for starring in the last two Harry Potter films.

    Now, here's my question:


    How is the average person even supposed to dream of making that much money? If you're old enough to read this and haven't earnt it already, I'm sorry to say that the ship has probably sailed for you personally, my friend. Forget about being a multi-millionaire entertainment star in your own right.

    Fear not, I have figured out the solution for the likes of us. Here's how it's done:
    When I have children, I'm so going to force them into the entertainment industry and work them to the bone until they make me ridiculously large amounts of money. They can divorce me at 18 but by then I'll be rich! RICH I TELLS YA! AhahahAHAHAHA!!

    Man, I wish I owned that Radcliffe kid...

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