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    Monday, 15 June 2009

    Me Vs Bitches

    It's time to dust off the soap box and have a good old fashioned gripe about something. In this case, the soap box is this blog, dusting is writing and that something is my friends, the eponymous "Bitches" referred to in the title.

    I remember a time when my friendships used to be mutual. It seems to be a long time ago now but I'm sure this was the case. Sometimes I would call or sms my friends to organise things (in this case "things" are mutually enjoyable activities that can be simultaneously experienced by two or more willing participants), sometimes they would call or sms me. This seemed to be a fair and equitable arrangement.

    But things have changed. I got married. ("Aha!" I hear you cry. "It's your fault!" but I shall prove my innocence.) Upon announcing my decision to my friends, they congratulated me profusely and then almost universally added, "Just don't forget about us" and other things of that nature.

    Ironically though, whilst I still go to the effort of calling, sms'ing and organising, it is my non-married friends (aka. the "bitches") who have stopped returning the favour. Some seem to have developed an extreme inability to operate a mobile phone bordering on the phobic. Ironic in a non-Alanis Morrisett kind of a way, in the sense of being actually ironic.

    Is it me? Have I done something? Not done something? The answer, of course, is "No." I'm perfect. Damn bitches.