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    Thursday, 19 June 2008

    Leonardo Di Cap(tain America)rio?

    Word on the street (God, I am so amazingly cool for using such "hip" lingo) is that Leonardo Di Caprio is being strongly considered for the titular role of Captain America, slated for release on May 6, 2011.

    In one sense I can see a similarity between Leo and Cap. That being, they both fell into some really cold water and got very, very cold. Cap survived this and went on to become the ass-kickin', uber-patriotic, super-soldier serum powered badass we have come to know and love today. Leo, on the other hand, died. Holding hands. With a girl.

    As far as I know, Cap doesn't hold hands but if he does, I'm sure it's only because he's playing an angle - he's just looking for some Nazi or super powered, or super powered Nazi scumbag to take down and he's holding hands as cover.

    Yes, I'm certain that Leonardo could do a fine job as the scrawny, pre-serum Steve Rogers (Captain America's alter ego) but there's NO WAY he can believably fill out Cap's red, white and blue spandex. So the director would be forced to pad him out ridiculously, computer generate Cap, or let paper-thin Leo run around as Cap.

    I'm all for getting great actors to play these parts, rather than just the big guy who LOOKS the part, as would have no doubt been the case if this movie had been made in the late 80s or early 90s. However, I'm sure there are some great choices out there for the part from actors who could look, as well as act, the part.

    Supernatural's Jensen Ackles, anyone? (Hmmm, I'm not gay but..... so dreamy! Yes, I have a man crush.)

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