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    Friday, 20 June 2008

    Apple Store Openings

    I just finished watching a news report about hordes of lunatics queuing up for hours (and in some cases sleeping outside in the middle of Winter) for the privilege of being amongst the first customers to enter Apple's new flagship store on George St in the Sydney CBD.

    I might possibly understand this behaviour if any of the following conditions had applied:
    • Many wondrous prizes of limited availability but amazing worth were promised,
    • New and interesting products went on sale at the opening, such as Apple's new Iphone,
    • Every customer received some kind of sexy thank you gift for attending (Sorry, lame promotional shirts need not apply),
    • Unicorns were present at the opening, shooting rainbows out of their diamond horns at customers.
    As far as I can tell, none of this actually happened. Particularly not the unicorns. Lame, Apple, lame.

    I'm not big on being judgey (okay, actually, I love it) but it seems like an awfully big waste of time to me. Why bother? To say you... went to a store... before some other people... and didn't buy anything? Seriously?

    Come ON, people! Do something worthwhile and interesting with your lives! Do what I do - spend several hours a day watching people hurting themselves on YouTube. Now THAT'S excitement.

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