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    Friday, 14 August 2009

    Manslation: Date Night

    I was speaking to a female friend the other day who was looking forward to a first date with a young man she'd met earlier. She was trying hard not to freak out over what he might be expecting, what she should wear, etc and I had to remind her not to overthink things - men are simple creatures.

    Ladies, when you go to meet a man on your first date, here is what you might be thinking:
    I hope he's nice, if he's nice I hope he likes me, should I have worn the dress instead, I wonder what the food's going to be like, these shoes are hurting me but they look great, he better not be sleazy, did I send that e-mail before I left work, what was that new anti-cancer compound they mentioned in the paper today, and so forth.

    Because you are complicated creatures, at this point you are probably assuming that he is thinking similar things to you, except maybe the bit about the dress.

    Hahaha. He isn't. Here is a visual representation of what he's thinking:

    And that's pretty much it. Note I'm not saying that you need to show more cleavage for the date to go well. Relax! Manslation: If he turns up, he's interested! You don't need to worry what he's thinking about ... because he isn't.

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