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    Thursday, 20 August 2009

    Comic Factoid of the Day

    Greetings Amazing Spider-Fans! Over the years, Norman Osborn, aka. The Green Goblin, has asserted himself as Spidey's #1 foe.

    However, Stormin' Norman isn't the only Goblin to have wailed on the webslinger. In total, there have been five Green Goblins, one Grey Goblin, one Demogoblin and five Hobgoblins (and that's all just in standard Marvel continuity)!

    For a paranoid criminal mastermind, Norman hasn't really done a bang up job with the "security" on those "secret" labs of his.

    Maybe he should just save everyone the four seconds it obviously takes to break into one of his incredibly secret lairs (now in 472 convenient locations) and just release the shit to the general public in energy drink form.

    Goblin Juice: The real demon in a bottle.
    (You'd have to be criminally insane not to drink it.)

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